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The First Covered Tennis Academy in India.
The only academy in India which is covered and with on court residential facilities.

Our Programs

Programs for All Levels
Kids Training Programs
Comfortable and spacious camps for your little ones
Juniors Tennis Programs
Juniors will find their joy in trainings with our coaches
Adult Tennis Programs
Competitive programs for adults with different level
Tournament Tennis Program
The great way to improve/refine your tennis skills
Corporate Training Program
Individual approach to every student, trainee or kid
Individual approach to every student, trainee or kid
Weekend Tennis Programs
Individual approach to every student, trainee or kid

We are India's leading tennis academy, Gujarat's top tennis academy and Ahmedabad's best place for professional tennis game.


Ace Tennis Academy - Ahmedabad

Dear Players, Parents & Patrons. We thank you for visiting our academy's website. We welcome you to visit our academy to experience tennis coaching at its best.

Pramesh Modi's Ace Tennis Academy of Ahmedabad Gujarat In India is the only Academy which is open 24 hours.
Academy has specialised, personalised tailor program for limited players.
Academy is operating with a mission.

How Do We Work

On joining we discuss with parent and player the purpose of playing and joining Ace. Accordingly we draft and advice the programs and detailed reverse planning is designed.
On joning we analyse the player's ability of motorskills , atheltism and tennis standard. This analysis is indepth and the next program is designed accordingly.
This is the most important aspect of planning tennis career. We very well know that realistic goal and good planning makes things easier. Short term, medium and long term goal is set with parent and player.
Tailor Made Tennis Program
After deciding the goal, a tailor made program for every player is designed which will enable the player and the coach to achieve the designed goal.
As much as tennis is important to play, nutrition and fitness is equally important. We have yoga, physio therapist and fitness trainer on regular basis. Nutritionist at regular intervals. We understand these two aspects are most important for every sports person hence we are emphasising on these two aspects.
It is equally important for player to watch himself performing on court. This enables for the coach and the player to understand better and improve. This we do once in a month and also compare with professional players. Even matches we watch together and make them understand what to learn in the match.

Client Success Story

I have rarely come across a person who is so supportive not only in the professional front but also humanitarian grounds. He was the person who extended his all support when none was ready to train me on wheelchair. He has been helping me by extending free training as well as supporting me.

He has always maintained a very positive and friendly attitude towards all his students during their highs n lows. Been always very motivating to all. He epitomizes the sport of tennis.

Madhu Bagri, Tennis Player

He has dedicated his life for the religion, he believes in: sports.

I have known him since years, not as a sports man, but also one of the most humble human beings I have ever met.

He has selflessly served the society, and taught not only lawn tennis but has been the biggest motivator of life for many people including me.

Dr Jay Mehta, Renowed Dentist

His name could have been pramACE... and he deserves no other game to excel in, but tennis .... Since he is such a gentleman, that the words LOVE ALL are made just for him.

He was and is a part of the family. He has been a fighter. With a little issue with his leg many would have though of sports as his last career option, but see what he has done....
He has defied the odds and scaled heights in tennis as one of the best coaches we have seen.

He inspired many... He inspires me.

Love him and best wishes.

Nirav Shah, Tennis Player

Pramesh Modi, CEO & Founder

Ace Tennis Academy. Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Training Tennis since 1986.

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Reasons to Enroll in One of Our Programs


Video Analysis

We have invested in technology to improve & enhance the playing techniques, footwork & tactical part of game. This is done with video...


Ace is the only covered tennis academy in India with three multi-layered synthetic courts with flood lights to play at night also. It also has three open clay courts, fitness...

Flexible Schedule

Ace provides a rotating schedule to players to ensure that the players & their bodies don't adapt to one routine & keeps them on their toes to be better prepared...

Core Team

Ace has a very strong & talented core team to prepare & train players of all ages & level to be able to play at various levels of tennis tournament.

Register for a Free Trial Lesson

One free trial session of 30 minutes, racket will be provided for this session.
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