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Adult Tennis Programs

Competitive programs for adults with different level

Beginners - Here, we focus on the fundamentals. You will work on the basic elements of the forehand, backhand, serve, overhead, and volley. The basic strokes will be practiced in fun games and drills. Get back in the game and see what you are missing; fun, exercise, socializing, oh yeah, and tennis! Come out and join the best adult program offered in the city! This specific is offered for intermediate player. With up to 4 people on court, our fast paced drills and games will quickly get you ready for match play, whether social or competitive.

Intermediate - Drill & Play clinics are designed for the intermediate and advanced intermediate players. These clinics are among our most popular adult programs, you can expect a good workout where you focus doubles skills, strategy, and technique. There is a maximum of 4 players per class.

Advance - These Clinics are targeted at the advanced intermediate and advanced players. The classes are challenging and fast moving. You get a great workout while focusing on doubles court coverage, advanced strategy, and placement. There is a 4:1 student to teacher ratio in the Clinics.

Cardio Tennis: Cardio Tennis is one of the most popular programs at Ace Tennis Academy and is appropriate for all skill levels. Cardio tennis is unique program where in batches of 90 minutes. It is music based, fast paced and max calorie burning session irrespective of level of game. You hit lots of balls, and have lots of fun.

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