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Juniors Tennis Programs

Juniors will find their joy in trainings with our coaches

Beginners - This class is for kids who are complete beginners, as well as kids who have had some experience but still need lots of instruction. Kids will be split up into separate groups based on age and level. Our goal in this class is for kids to be able to successfully rally, learn all the different strokes, and learn how to serve and score. We emphasize movement, and correct technique, all in a positive environment.

Intermediate - This class is for kids who can rally from the baseline. We work more specifically on technique, agility; introduce strategy, within a drill and game based format.

Advance - This class is for kids who are ready to start playing tournaments. Kids are learning advanced spins, more of tactics and techniques, and are ready to work hard to improve their game. Here we also introduce mental training and high intensity fitness.

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