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What Our Players Say

For me this academy is great. For last 4 years I couldn't find such good academy where I can have confidence of being a world class tennis player. Before joining this academy I just knew how to play tennis but now I got to know how to show your best, how to enjoy tennis and how win tournaments. After joining this academy I can feel like I am doing something very great in my life.
MK Vibhuti Gangamma
Home away home it is for me. Never really felt the absence of my parents after being a part of this academy under the guidance of Pramesh Sir along with other coaches the care, love and the belive in me I received here is unconditional and it does strive me to do my best and make them proud. After joining the academy my game whether technically, tactically and along with fitness has improved a lot. My stay in this academy with a family atmosphere has given me confidence and enthusiasm to do better each day.
Shilpi Swarupa Das
Ace has been a cradle to nurturing talents. Lot of patience and good involved effort is a constant factor in training by the coaches .the opportunity to be coached by pramesh sir has been nothing less than lifetime opportunity to have known and trained by a legend of tennis.
Risha Roy
Pramesh sir is like God in my life.I am so lucky to have a great coach and such a wonderful person in my life. I will be always thankful to him. No other person can help or do such things which sir has done for me. The courts are beautiful.
Gitesh Awasthi, Renowned Coach, Navi Mumbai
Ace Tennis Academy is a great outlet to keep me and my family fit as well as play a sport that I love. The natural clay surface is well maintained and ideal to play long term. The coaching is unique in the sense that it is customized based on the evaluation of the players. I have been playing here for over a year and have also met a lot of new people thru Ace who have become good friends. Ace has become a part of my daily routine and I highly recommend anyone who would like to join. Pramesh Modi has created a very unique environment at Ace and is in the process of building future champions..
Prashant Popat
The purpose of my coming to ace was to get my self trained to compete in my first ever competative tournament which was an ITF future series level tournament held in Bangkok, Thailand. Despite of me being a very special case, playing tennis on wheelchair, Pramesh sir and his entire team extended their helping hand and took up the task of training me. The entire training had to be customized and within the time span of 5 months they trained me to the level wherein I could be the winner of the 3rd National Paralympic wheelchair Tennis Championship held in Banglore in November 2013. I am indebted to all of them from the bottom of my heart.
National Paralympic wheelchair tournament winner, Madhu Bagri

First of all, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to you for instilling "tennis values" in my life that got carried forward  to my kids as well. I still remember those school days when I decided that I wanted to learn tennis and joined the tennis lessons at Stadium in Ahmedabad, and was lucky to have you as my coach. You were not just a tennis coach, but a true teacher who taught me the importance of dedication and determination in my life. I was always impressed by your love  and dedication for tennis. I have never seen any other tennis coach put in so much effort in their students. I do remember those days when you made us exercise first, work on our swings, and only after that start hitting the balls - great way to start...

Even after moving to US, I have continued playing tennis, and I have registered my son and daughter both for tennis lessons. However, I have to say one thing, not a single tennis coach that I have come across in US so far, was as detail oriented and a perfectionist just like you!!! I feel that I was lucky to have you as my tennis teacher and guru!!! If I had the option, I would certainly have loved to have my kids learn tennis from you - which would have been a privilege to have such an amazing teacher.

I would really recommend anyone who wants to play and excel in tennis, to have you as their guru, and success in tennis will follow for sure!!!


Shefalee Shah
Dedicated and experienced coaches, ably led by the head coach Mr. Pramesh Modi take a personal interest in each student and inspire them to push harder to maximize their unique potential..
Arnav/Anika's mother Mrs.Priyanka Chopra
I joined ace academy before 2 years and now I am playing very well only because of my one and only no. One coach Mr. Pramesh Modi. He is the bestest coach in our Gujarat. As all knows he is "THE GOD FATHER OF TENNIS" and it's actually true. And MUNIYA family wishes him a good luck and inspire all the students to play the best and give all their heart and soul as sir gives his best in our training.
Madhuja Munia
Hello sir I have been enjoying coming to the court a lot!
And I have seen my improvement too even my mom! And would really like to thank you and the staff for the support and the encouragement that you all have given me.
Parth Dhall
I find Ace an inspiring place to learn tennis. The coaching is focused and the coaches are patient and friendly. The atmosphere is great and I enjoy playing there.
Sugata Sircar
Omg the coaches are excellent.. Not just because of quality training they provide but for their humour and the way they encourage people to play the game is really affecting the players to stick to the game despite of their busy routine. no one i say no one would like to miss a single day of it.
Krunal Kadiya
Pramesh Modi Rocks!!!! Ace Tennis Academy is one place where one forgets all negativity.Coaches are all very dedicated.Cheers !!!
Sangitamadam and AK Singh
Well, my first impression of Ace is sprawling clay courts buzzing with players and coaches. Like true academy there is emphasize in overall game- on the court and off the court. The facilities are excellent not to mention the covered roof which keeps you going in all sdeasons. In terms of coaching there is everything for everyone starting from juniors, beginners, intermediate players to fitness freaks.Involvement of coaches is quite good with expertise and experience of PM sir adding real quality in one's game over a period of time. The coaching pattern is. Quite suitable to all players as there is a pattern and it really yields result if followeed persistently. Off the court facilities are there for one and all to grab. Martial Art facility adding real value in the fitness regime.Overall Ace has become synonymous with Tennis coaching and are the Torch bearer in this field.
Jaydev Gohil
As a writer I have often covered Ace Tennis Academy because of the number of good players that it has produced or trained. It can be considered a cradle of Gujarat's new millennium tennis achievements since many players who have shone in national or international tournaments have been coached here or at least trained/practised at Ace for some period of their careers. As a parent I opted to send my daughter to Ace because the coaches give dedicated time and practise to each student, the courts are covered so she can go for training even on sunny afternoons, she also gets exposure to the Ace campus with fitness, kick boxing and other facilities, and under Pramesh Modi the academy is geared up to train students for competitive tennis.
Anil Mulchandani

ACE Tennis Academy, a clay court academy, is 24 x 7 open for all tennis lover academy.
Formed by Pramesh Modi 3 decades back, ACE Tennis Academy is, today, famed for its state-of-the-art facilities and focus on fitness. It is intended as a more intimate environment for budding tennis players.

Thanks to his expertise & his methodology, Coaches here utilises intense drillings to develop stamina and fine-tune techniques. They adopt an exhaustive approach to training wherein students undergo their rigorous & personalised training.

The centre offers strength and conditioning programmes as well as mental coaching and nutritional education.

Though, there is no set path to becoming a tennis champion; with professional & innovative athletic training techniques, Founder Pramesh Modi, aims to turn the Best youngsters into Champions of the future.

We wish ACE Tennis Academy all the BEST in its endeavors.

Rajeev Kejriwal
After playing for almost 8 months on ATA there has been a vast difference in my game thanks to pramesh sir the head coach and his staff .Given pramesh sir`s experience and expertise in the game i got to learn different aspects of the game.The team at ATA is wonderful and friendly and they are very good at providing coaching and fitness.The best part is pramesh sir personally makes the players schedule which rarely any academy provides here . Thank you for a great experience till now.
Aman Agrawal

1. Excellent coaching staff who are very professional and friendly. I find them very patient especially with beginners.
2. The presence of Pramesh Sir  with his years of experience and super management skills is of course a vast factor in the overall look and feel of the academy.
3. The best part is the friendly atmosphere maintained in the academy which we haven't found anywhere else. My personal motto for Ace will be.... Great Tennis- Great Relations.
4. Cheers and All the best for a great future ahead.

Madhu Patnaik

Its been a year probably am playing tennis at Ace Tennis Academy. i had never played tennis ever in my life before. so i just joined casually thinking that i shall play tennis once a week. but i guess it was only the first day that made me so comfortable and closely attached to the ACE that today i feel if i don't play tennis or visit ACE even for a day, my day is not complete.
firstly i met the owner and the head of ACE tennis academy, Mr. Pramesh Modi. well, i never thought that this meeting of mine with him would turn into one of the best friends relation. Mr. Modi, i guess is one of the best coaches in tennis in India, as I feel that if he can make a player out of a person like me who had never held a racquet in the hand, he really has the skill. apart from the best coach, he has been a mentor, an idol and the one of the best persons i have ever met.

The assistant coaches to name few, Johny sir, Ravi sir, govind sir, and the list goes on as not name few but all the assistant coaches are amazing. its been a personal attention given to everyone by all of these and they sweat full time to make sure that when you leave, you can feel that this was the best start to the day one can get.
the Icing on the cake is the "FULLY COVERED CLAY COURTS"...... so be it rainy or sunny, its always open for the enthusiasts like me.

Medically, as i can set an example would like to share few points. I was suffering from high blood pressure which was not getting controlled. but i decided i won't be taking any anti hypertensives(medicines) for that at this age at least. Meantime i joined tennis and i still remember, only after a month of regular playing, i was rid of my hypertension. and so this is one of the major reasons i would suggest to anyone that try playing tennis, am sure, it will help you in many other ways.

lastly, i guess i regret only one thing in my life till date......"WHY DID NOT I START PLAYING TENNIS EARLIER THAN I STARTED"  as i feel that i have missed a lot of things before i started playing.


Dr Jay Mehta

The Infrastructure:

1. Adequate and is designed to withstand heavy rains, hence very suitable for all seasons.
2. The courts are well maintained.
3. Equipped with basic Gym equipment to enable one to warm up adequately.
4. A well equipped visitors gallery on an elevated platform gives the facility a neat look.
5. Future plan to build additional facilities will give it an edge in the future.


1. well trained coaches and they work in an organised and a structured manner under the keen leadership of Mr Pramesh Modi who designs tailor made practice schedules depending upon the entry level skill sets of the members.
2. The friendly demeanour of the coaching staff renders the  training very refreshing.

Adequate. Will be more attractive once 24/7 cycle commences especially for working executives.
The curriculum is the mirror image of the passion and enthusiasm of Mr Pramesh Modi who arguably is the "Bhishma" of coaches in Gujarat

I wish the Academy the very best of luck for its future endeavours

Lt. Col Sharat Jha

"Ace Tennis academy"   is the place which I consider my second home. I started my journey in 1997 at St. Xavier's college, where I met PRAMESH SIR for the first time.

He told my mom that I will become a great player in future. My mom didn't believe at the first place but when I started performing and when everything told by sir at that time fell in place , my parents were very happy and they finally decided that I will continue tennis as my sport and at never other academy.

Ace tennis academy is a place where I can say I use to stay the whole day. My dad use to call sir ask him to build some rooms there so that we could just stay there J. When I started there were not many players there but gradually when all the best players in Ahmedabad joined Ace tennis academy I got my second family. If someone had stress in life, tired in life or something like that ace was the place where they use to come and take everything out and feel fresh. All the coaches at Ace tennis Academy loved children very much & treated us like their own family member.

Pramesh sir is a gem of a person and my father on court. He loved me so much and he use to scream and get angry on me the most when I lazed out or when I made errors while practising, because his vision was to see me become a great tennis player and get to the top & achieve something in life too.

I still remember whenever we use to get hungry, he would ask us that beta what u want to eat and he would order pizza, those jumbo grill sandwiches from choice, etc. we use to enjoy so much. Ami didi his wife she told me too that I would achieve great things in life. They both supported me a lot and I cannot repay them in this life even a half of it.

We use to have parties every 31st December at his house. We use to hide in his office which was located at first floor in his house and start playing games on it and he use to come get angry on us and take use down to the party and make us dance n he even use to dance with us. Ace tennis academy is the place where you don't just learn tennis but u learn how to live life happily and freely , where you make great friends and get disciplined in life.

At this academy the facilities provide for tennis , fitness , mental discussions are phenomenal in Gujarat. Any tennis player gets unlimited access to practice and develop his skills. For Tennis Basics Are important even when u play at world class level and this is the place where you get learn that the best.

At Ace you are not treated as a player or a customer but like their own family unlike other academies. I have so much to say and I can go on writing for days. Whatever I have achieved as a tennis player and ACE student is unforgettable and unfathomable.

Pramesh Sir is like a friend & guide, to all on court. But he is my icon and godly figure on this earth.

I just want to say that I love you sir and Ami didi and whole Ace family very much. I truly miss you sir.


Vaidik Munshaw

I suffer from mild asthma due to which my movements were a bit restricted. So I was a little apprehensive in starting tennis. But Mr Pramesh Modi assured me that my training would be very gradual and within my limits. The coaches have been very mindful of this aspect. Having attended the coaching for a month and a half I feel a lot better. I don't feel breathless as easily as I would earlier. My stamina has also improved considerably.

Coaches are always willing to help and enthusiastic, never reluctant. Positive atmosphere. Pramesh Modi is very passionate about the game and encourages people to try it as an enjoyable way of staying fit n healthy. Age no bar. Personalised coaching, keeping in mind each individual's requirement. Academy coming up well, is well thought out.

Maushami Sarcar

I wish to express my happiness and joy over presence of ACE tennis academy in our city and particularly in our area called Thaltej.

Both of my sons and my self have picked up tennis skills at ACE where we started as a beginner and now we are able to play the game to our own satisfaction and enjoyment which was the whole purpose of joining the game. My sons continue to gather further skill under the able guidance of Shri Pramesh Modi on their way to greater levels of the game. The academy not only has excellent coaches but also a world class infrastructure including diet counselling, gymnasium, and other necessary support to become a healthier human being and a player.

I wish the academy all the very best.

Dr.Anurag Hitkari, Principal Advisor, Pragmetis Pharmaserve

Dear Mr. Modi,

Being to your academy was a really good experience for me. It was the first ever tennis academy i actually enjoyed and wanted to stay for longer as your team and you as well were very friendyly and accommodating. The coaching was superb and anything that was setting me back was worked on and you brought my game to another level. I really look forward to coming to your academy again.

Sheil Kotecha, Kenya

The best tennis academy Ahmedabad has to offer - period.

Ace academy lives up to the hype on its website and more! Keep in mind that this review is coming from a recreational player who simply did "internet" research (did not know any tennis friends in India, but has played in another academy prior)

The facility is great! Its located far away from maddening crowds and pollution. The main attraction is the covered clay courts (non-synthetic). This is huge! My knees have thanked me and I've suffered no pain/injuries after a month long of tennis. Covered courts make it possible to play during sunny winter afternoons without any problems. Being far away from the city also has the added advantage of the courts being a lot cooler (in addition to the little cow dung that gets put on these courts). You do get quiet a few bad bounces, but its just the nature of the surface and I'm hearing that are huge improvements under way. The courts could use a little extra length, but that's just a minor quirk.

There is also a new building under construction right by the courts and there are talks about purposing it for yoga and fitness. I'm very excited about this and I believe yoga to be a perfect companion for tennis players as it promotes relaxation and fills you up with positive energy. There is also a small garden that you could do stretching and jogging before your session. If you have brought someone along with you, they'll be happy to be seated in a shaded elevated seating area overlooking the courts. Oh, the facility does have couple of mineral water dispensers right on the courts (the water is nice and cool)! This facility is designed for "you".

The coaches here are excellent. They have been trained under Pramesh Sir (the founder and the heart of the academy). They have your best interest at heart and do a good job in training you compared to the commercial coaches that you find elsewhere in Ahmedabad. They are filed with smiles and encouragement and will try their best to correct your game. If you are an avid tennis player, you may find yourself outgrowing your coach's skills. However, the drills here are uniquely designed & researched by Pramesh Sir, so your tennis growth will have longevity.

This review will be very incomplete without mentioning Pramesh Sir. I took a blind leap of faith to join this academy (I live in the U.S). Even though this place was a 35 minutes ride for me (one way), it was well worth the effort.  Pramesh sir set me up with a comprehensive schedule that the coaches followed religiously. He also made himself available to coach me personally. Because of his extensive experience, he was quickly able to spot deficiencies in my technique and correct it . As a result, I've noticed significant improvement in my game in a short time span. He breaks tennis down in easy to digest pieces and I feel that a mere month of tennis lessons with him has laid a solid foundation to learn this awesome sport for years to come. He holds a very approachable personality; is very passionate about the sport and gets great joy when you hit that "perfect" stroke - a rarity in this modern world. Besides being a great coach, he's also a great friend and a man of high intellect. He certainly deserves the respect that he shows to everyone around him.

I also feel compelled to compare this with other academies that I've experienced in Ahmedabad in recent years (no, I'm not getting paid for this). Keep in mind that majority of the commercial coaches you'll find in Ahmedabad have trained under Pramesh sir. These academies severely overbook their courts with "customers" and inexperienced coaches that bring nothing to the table. The main coaches are nowhere to be found. Times are short and you don't get enough court time. You end up hitting balls without a purpose and after years of playing with them, you'll probably find yourself lacking a sound technique. As Pramesh sir puts it, "Perfect practice makes a person perfect". This is especially true when it comes to tennis which requires a lot of technique that needs to be practiced correctly. If you are serious about this sport, I don't know why you would invest your time elsewhere. If there is an ounce of honesty left in this dog eat dog world, you'll find it here at Ace Academy. The team there has a "winner" on their hands.

Mrugesh Patel, USA
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